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The Great Adventure

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In The Great Adventure, filmmaker Jean Lemire and his crew undertake a five-month, 21 000-kilometre voyage to record the impact of global warming on the Arctic. We watch as the crew navigate a three-masted sailing ship through the legendary Northwest Passage - a treacherous, ice-choked route that has captured the imaginations of great explorers for centuries.

This compelling scientific and personal adventure is set against the backdrop of breathtaking northern scenery. Survival is a daily struggle in the Far North, and the Sedna IV's crew face unusually cold weather that makes navigation exceptionally perilous.

The Great Adventure unveils the beauty of this region and makes us keenly aware that climate change is seriously jeopardizing a fragile ecosystem.

Arctic Mission is a collection of five documentary films that explore the impact of global warming on Canada's North.

2003, 89 min 36 s

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