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The Sinking of the Princess Sophia

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This documentary explores the events surrounding the greatest maritime tragedy in the history of the Pacific coast, the sinking of the Princess Sophia.

The Canadian Pacific steamer had left Skagway, Alaska, on October 23, 1918, on its way to Vancouver, when a fierce blizzard hit. The ship veered off course and ran aground on a reef. Despite the proximity of several other ships, the harsh weather prevented any evacuation attempt. Almost 48 hours later, the Sophia slipped off the reef and sank. The following morning, rescue ships faced the terrible evidence: only the tip of its mast was visible. None of the 353 passengers and crewmembers survived.

Archival photos, 3D animation, exclusive interviews and underwater photography relate an important chapter of maritime history, while vividly portraying a place and time.

2003, 46 min 30 s

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