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Growing Up Canadian: Media

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Canadian children in the 20th century witnessed an explosion of innovations in communication and entertainment . Witnesses recall the first time that they saw the telephone, a movie, the television, the computer. Media intrigued children and often made parents suspicious. Canadians of all ages talk about the books, radio shows, TV programs, music and movies they loved as children.

From listening in on the party line to watching newsreels, children became connected to an ever-expanding world. Media changed the definition of growing up Canadian.

Media is one of a 6-part series entitled Growing Up Canadian. These documentaries explore the myths and realities of Canadian childhood through family life, schooling, work, play, health and the media. The series marks the contribution of childhood and youth experience in defining Canada as it grew into full nationhood in the 20th century.

2003, 46 min 48 s

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