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Bowling for Columbine - DVD / Bowling à Columbine - DVD

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Michael Moore, director of Roger & Me and author of Stupid White Men, takes aim at America's love affair with guns and violence. This provocative look at the culture that helped give rise to the shooting spree at Columbine High School mixes riveting footage and candid interviews, with everyone from Charlton Heston (then head of the National Rifle Association) to Marilyn Manson.

This feature film has received awards at the Oscars® and the Cannes Film Festival, and was named the best original screenplay by the Writers Guild of America (2003). This special edition 2-DVD set includes the entire film, plus many extras:

· Introduction by Michael Moore
· Interview with Moore, who talks about his controversial acceptance speech at the 2002 Academy Awards
· "Return to Denver/Littleton"
· Interview with Moore by former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart
· Teacher's guide
· Segment from "The Awful Truth II: Corporate Cops"
· Michael Moore's "Action Guide"
· The Charlie Rose Show with Michael Moore
· Marilyn Manson's Fight Song music video
· Photo gallery
· English and French soundtracks of Bowling for Columbine


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