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War of 1812 - Part Two: "Or Leave Our Bones Upon Them..."

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War of 1812 is a four-part documentary series that brings to life an extraordinary, but not well understood, conflict that decided the fate of North America, confirmed the creation of Canada, and annihilated for all time the dream of an independent Native nation.

Part Two: "Or Leave Our Bones Upon Them..."
After the death of Brock, Chief Tecumseh--whom Harrison is determined to vanquish--plays an increasingly important role. Sir George Prevost takes command and Procter weakens. With the destruction of Prophetstown, the despair of the Natives increases. There are massacres at Fort Dearborn, at Frenchtown and on the Raison River. Then the attack on Fort Meigs fails. Tecumseh's reputation grows when he saves the lives of prisoners. Procter's retreat enrages Tecumseh. After their defeat at the Battle of Moraviantown and the Battle of Lake Erie, the British and their allies withdraw to Canada; Tecumseh is killed by the pursuing Americans.

1998, 46 min 06 s

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