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War of 1812 - Part Four: "The Rocket's Red Glare..."

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War of 1812 is a four-part documentary series that brings to life an extraordinary, but not well understood, conflict that decided the fate of North America, confirmed the creation of Canada, and annihilated for all time the dream of an independent Native nation.

Part Four: "The Rocket's Red Glare..."
It is a critical point in the war. The American army rebuilds as the end of the Napoleonic Wars frees up troops in Europe. Prevost remains cautious. Britain sends battle-seasoned reinforcements to the North American front, at Quebec. Bloody battles on the Niagara frontier end in stalemate. The British sail up Chesapeake Bay and burn public buildings in Washington. Fort McHenry is bombarded. Prevost marches his forces south and halts at Plattsburg. The British squadron on Lake Champlain is defeated and Prevost withdraws. Peace negotiations result in the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. The British are mown down at New Orleans. Prevost is recalled and court-martialled.

1998, 46 min 08 s

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