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Climate on the Edge

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The Arctic is on the front line of climate change and it is sending us an urgent message: global warming is having a serious impact on the planet. As temperatures increase, thousands of square kilometres of ice cap will soon disappear. Scientists predict devastation if we don't change our ways.

Ice, and the micro-organisms that survive beneath it, form the base of the Arctic food chain. Several species are now at risk. And the Inuit, 'the poeple of the ice,' are already suffering the effects of warmer temperatures.

Climate on the Edge takes an objective look at this complex issue through interviews with leading experts: climatologist Jean Jouzel, oceanographer Eddy Carmack, computer modelling expert Francis Zwiers and glaciologist Fritz Koerner.

Arctic Mission is a collection of five documentary films that explores the impact of global warming on Canada's North.

2003, 52 min

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