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Lords of the Arctic

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The unique wildlife that thrives in the Arctic's stark landscape has long captivated our imaginations.

Ice plays a critical role in maintaining this fragile ecosystem. As temperatures rise because of global warming, will these northern plants and wildlife be able to adapt?

Through its extraordinary footage of polar bears, thick-billed murres, bowhead whales, muskox and caribou Lords of the Arctic permits us to observe the impact of climate change on the wildlife of the North.

The world of the polar bear, a symbol of the Arctic's strength and vulnerability, is tied to the changing seasons of ice and light and, like all life in the Arctic, is directly impacted by climate change. As their home slowly melts away, will they and their unique world disappear as well?

Arctic Mission is a collection of five documentary films that explore the impact of global warming on Canada's North.

2003, 52 min

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Gemini Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Series (Caroline Underwood)
Gemini Awards
December 11 to 13 2004, Toronto - Canada

First Place Award - Category: Pollution and Global Warming
EarthVision Film & Video Festival
October 27 to 30 2004, Santa Cruz - USA

Finalist Award
International Wildlife Film Festival
April 30 2004 to May 7 2005, Missoula - USA

Earthwatch Film Award
DC Environmental Film Festival
March 19 to 27 2004, Washington - USA

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