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Inside the Hothouse 2

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Inside the Hothouse 2 takes an informal look into the personalities and frenzy behind the second iteration of the NFB Animation Hothouse. A "rough-and-ready" documentary, reflective of the youthful iconoclasm of the six emerging filmmakers and the crusading zeal beneath the Hothouse concept. The six Hothouse filmmakers and their NFB collaborators offer candid and oftentimes pithy comments on the nature of auteur animation filmmaking, the place and role of the NFB in that world, and the excitement and fear of making a first professional film. The NFB Animation Hothouse description sums it all up: "Take six promising animation filmmakers from across Canada, plant them in the NFB's English Animation Studio, give them 12 weeks to create extremely short animation from concept to release with the full support and assistance of NFB creative experts and, voilà, the NFB Animation Hothouse!"

2004, 11 min 20 s