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It's a Girl's World - Educational Version

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It's a Girl's World takes us inside the tumultuous relationships of a clique of popular 10-year-old girls. Playground bullying captured on camera shows a disturbing picture of how these girls use their closest friendships to hurt each other--with shunning, whispering and mean looks--to win social power in the group. Meanwhile, their parents struggle through denial and disbelief as they become aware of the serious consequences of this behaviour. By comparison, the tragic story of a 14-year-old girl is a stark reminder that social bullying can spiral out of control. Believing she had no other choice, Dawn-Marie Wesley killed herself after enduring months of rumours and verbal threats. This documentary shatters the myth that social bullying among girls is an acceptable part of growing up.

This classroom version of It's a Girl's World is a stand-alone series of six modules with helpful on-screen text guides to assist with discussion and activities. It is intended to promote a classroom discussion around the nature of social conflict in friendships, especially among girls. Each 5-10 minute module explores a different facet of social bullying ranging from what the behaviour looks like, to the role of power and control, to the consequences for the bully, the victim and the bystander.

2004, 52 min 08 s

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