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Maq and the Spirit of the Woods

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Maq and the Spirit of the Woods is the story of Maq, a Mi’kmaq boy who realizes his potential with the help of inconspicuous mentors.

When an elder in the community offers him a small piece of pipestone, Maq carves a little person out of it. Proud of his work, the boy wants to impress his grandfather and journeys through the woods to find him. Along the path Maq meets a curious traveller named Mi’gmwesu. Together they share stories, medicine, laughter and song. Maq begins to care less about making a good impression and more about sharing the knowledge and spirit he's found through his creation. It is only when Maq joins his grandfather that he understands who Mi’gmwesu really is.

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods is adapted from stories told to artist Phyllis Grant when she was a child. Her father, Mi’kmaq folklorist Gilbert Sewell, reprises his role as storyteller in this animated tale about Creation and discovering resources within to help build self-confidence and strength. Bold colour, graphic art and simple movements in the film illustrate his story, offering a bridge between ancient oral tradition and contemporary methods of telling a tale through animation.

2006, 08 min 29 s