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Shortz: As the Wheel Turns

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Using bright Flash animation juxtaposed with black and white photography, As the Wheel Turns draws parallels between modern life and the domestic life of a hamster. It is a caustic commentary on the chains that bind us to work. In a never-ending cycle, hamster and workers share a mutual place as they go through their daily drill of dreary tasks and mindless rituals. A film without words.

The Pacific & Yukon Centre of the National Film Board, together with British Columbia Film and CBC Television's ZeD TV, presents Shortz, a showcase of seven one-minute films by emerging and seasoned animators. The task was to produce engaging, innovative one-minute shorts inspired by the theme "on that day..." The result is seven distinct approaches to animation, championing the rich talents of BC and Yukon animators.

2004, 01 min 56 s

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