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Shortz: I Almost Drowned

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A summer's day goes wrong. Based on personal memoir with a home movie feel to it, I Almost Drowned captures the recollections and experiences of a young boy who nearly drowns. Floating in and out of various states of consciousness from the past to the present, until the distinction between memory and reality blur, the film depicts a watery underworld and a poignant snapshot of family and childhood. A film without words.

The Pacific & Yukon Centre of the National Film Board, together with British Columbia Film and CBC Television's ZeD TV, presents Shortz, a showcase of seven one-minute films by emerging and seasoned animators. The task was to produce engaging, innovative one-minute shorts inspired by the theme "on that day..." The result is seven distinct approaches to animation, championing the rich talents of BC and Yukon animators.

2004, 01 min 54 s

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