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ExtraOrdinary Lives - Episode 2 - Determination

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Dave Rodney

After losing a teammate in an ascent to the summit of Mount Everest in 1999, Dave Rodney returned to the mountain again in 2001. His goal the second time around was not only the summit, but also the safety of the members involved. Now an inspirational speaker, Dave Rodney set a record by becoming the first Canadian to make it to the top of the world on two different occasions.

Josh Hall

For the past fifteen years, Josh Hall has been sailing full time and competing in all of the world's big races. In the world's toughest single-handed yacht race, the Vendee Globe, sailors must brave hostile seas, sudden storms and dangerous icebergs. 38-year-old Josh kept a video diary of his three months at sea, telling the amazing tale of his bid to finish the famous race.

2002, 22 min 30 s

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