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ExtraOrdinary Lives - Episode 4 - Fame

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Henk Otte

When Henk Otte is in the Netherlands, he's a just regular guy, but when he's in the Volta Region of Ghana, Africa, he is Togbe Korsi Ferdinand Gakpetor II to hundreds of thousand of locals. In his own words, Henk says "Togbe means chief, other people say it means king, chief is better for me." Henk's life took this amazing turn during a 1995 visit to his Ghanaian born wife's hometown, when a local priest declared him to be the reincarnation of a late Chief. Now, when he visits Ghana, security escorts him through masses of excited Ghanaians while drums play and dancers spin.

Matthew Lien

Matthew is a singer and songwriter from the Yukon. While he is virtually unknown outside professional music circles in Canada, Matthew is a huge singing star in Taiwan. His live performances in southeast Asia are covered by major television stations and his concerts pack stadiums.

2002, 22 min 30 s

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