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ExtraOrdinary Lives - Episode 7 - Survival

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Brent Dyer

After flying into a winter blizzard, a single-engine plane crashes in the remote mountains of Idaho. Four passengers are aboard, but only Brent Dyer and his sister-in-law Donna survive the trauma of impact. Huddled in the cold wreckage, with snow blowing in the broken windows, they wait for help to arrive. Two weeks pass. Faced with starvation, and realizing they may never be found, they finally resort to the unimaginable to keep themselves alive.

Art Thompson

At the age of six, Art Thompson is taken from home and placed in a residential school for Indigenous children. Stripped of his heritage, he endures years of cruel sexual and physical abuse, leading to an adult life of self-loathing and drug addiction. Pulled from the streets by his grandmother, Art heals himself by confronting his abusers and rediscovering his roots, eventually earning respect for his community leadership and acclaim for his Indigenous artwork.

2002, 22 min 30 s

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