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ExtraOrdinary Lives - Episode 11 - Sport

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Shirley Muldowney

Growing up in upstate New York, the woman affectionately known simply as Shirley has always an affection for speed and competition. Starting off racing in the 1950s, and with no intention of backing down from anyone, in 1965 Shirley Muldowney is sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association. 1977 proves to be Shirley's first big year, as historical season long accomplishments clinches the Winston World Championship for points in top fuel making her the first lady ever to do so. With a long and distinguished career, Shirley Muldowney remains the single most accomplished woman competing in professional motorsports. She is still racing and is in her early 60's.

Justine Blainey-Broker

In 1987 Justine finds herself banned from participating in the her sport of choice; even though in the tryouts she has earned a place on the boys' team, the Ontario hockey organization won't let her play with them. Aided by her lawyer, J. Anna Fraser, she begins to fight. Five court cases and a Supreme Court decision later, she is the first girl to legally hit the ice with the boys. Today Justine is a chiropractor and still plays hockey though at a slightly less competitive level; she chose to retire from elite hockey when she found out she was pregnant. At the moment, her daughter shows every intention of following in her mother's footsteps.

2002, 22 min 30 s

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