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Final Destination

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The invention of the railway provided the world with quick and effective transportation of people and their products. The train however, has proven to be just as unreliable as any other man-made mechanism, delivering death and destruction along with its cargo.

The Minaki Train: The Minaki Special, an outdated passenger train comprised of wooden cars, was kept in service when it should have been pulled from the tracks years before. Returning from an Ontario vacation resort, the Minaki had the misfortune of travelling on the same tracks as the all-steel Transcontinental on September 1, 1947. While the inevitable collision is a mere jostle for the larger train, the crash melds the two engines together and ignites gas oil lamps throughout the Minaki's wooden cars. Over 30 perish in the resulting fire.

Naples Black Market Express: On the night of March 2, 1944, a trainload of 521 people enroute to Naples, Italy, died in one of the eeriest train disasters of all time. Brought to a halt by icy rails in a narrow two-mile long tunnel, it is assumed that carbon monoxide gas produced by the labouring engine overcame the passengers as they sat in their seats. Only the brakeman and five passengers could be revived once the train was discovered.

2002, 46 min 45 s

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