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Weather Untamed - Episode 2 - Killer Fog

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Seeing is believing in this episode where smoke and fog cause confusion, consternation and calamity. To see or not to see, that is the question.

Red Haze - Hamilton residents flock to church, fearing doomsday or a nuclear attack, as day turns to night on the afternoon of September 24, 1950, but the real culprit is drifting smoke from Alberta forest fires.

Fog Bowl - During the 1962 Grey Cup in Toronto, a heavy fog forces the cancellation of the game with nine minutes to go.

Plane Crash - Bad weather and an engine malfunction send a TCA plane crashing into Mt. Slesse, BC, killing all 65 people on board.

401 Disaster - Fog descends on Ontario's busy Highway 401, resulting in five separate crashes snaring over 60 vehicles. 45 people are hospitalized and eight die in the tragedy.

2002, 46 min 54 s

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