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Weather Untamed - Episode 4 - Weather War

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Weather wages war on the West Coast during the last years of the millennium. Weather unrest between 1996 and 1999 in British Columbia heightens anxiety as residents witness the assaulting threats from the sky.

Typhoon Freda 1962 - A typhoon ravages the Lower Mainland, killing 7 people and causing $10 million in damage. Winds of up to 145 km/h flatten twenty percent of Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Weather Bomb 1996 - Moving faster than a hurricane, this quickly-intensifying marine storm pummels Canada's West Coast.

Victoria Snowstorm 1996 - Over 80cm of snow in 24hrs shuts down the city of Victoria.

Firestorm 1998 - A forest fire burns the forest floor down to bare rock. The uncontrollable inferno torches several farm houses as it rages towards Salmon Arm.

Spider Invasion 1998 - Thousands of spiders envelope trees, buildings, and vehicles near Prince George.

Lightning Attack 1997 - More than 7,000 lightning strikes in 90 minutes light up the skies over Greater Vancouver and southern Vancouver Island.

2002, 46 min 54 s

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