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Weather Untamed - Episode 5 - When Hell Freezes Over

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Explore the chilly depths, icy extremes and snowy heights of Canadian weather, too extreme for thermometers.

"When Hell Freezes Over": The worst ice storm in Canadian history batters Central Canada.

Niagara Falls Stops Falling: An ice jam on Lake Erie silences Niagara Falls for 30 hours.

Coldest Day: North America’s coldest day was the -63ºC recorded at Snag, Yukon on February 3, 1947. An extra notch had to be carved in the recording thermometer.

Roof Collapse, Newfoundland: A mall roof succumbs under one of the snowiest years in recent memory. The extreme snow buildup forces some St. John's residents to climb out second-story windows, and many side streets remain closed until March.

Roof Collapse, Ontario: An accumulation of heavy snow on the roof of a Listowel, Ontario arena causes it to cave.

2002, 46 min 54 s

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