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Moccasin Flats - Season One - Episode Two - Suspicious Love

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A young man uses his culture to put evil to rest in a community torn apart by abuse.

In a destitute inner city community, struggling to overcome poverty, social injustice, racism and violence, Dillon Redsky has to survive one last summer before he gets out of the ghetto and goes to university to pursue his dreams of becoming a basketball star.

Episode 2 Suspicious Love: Dillon falls for a prostitute, Sarah, after he finds her badly beaten in an alley. Strongeagle investigates the case of the skeletal remains on the sly. Jonathon is seducing Danna into the trade. Jonathon's life is threatened by drug dealers. Nathan is getting lured into the gangster world.

2003, 24 min 20 s

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