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African Rhythms: Animated Stories for Children

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African Rhythms: Animated Stories for Children is a compilation of three animated films that explore various traditions of the African diaspora.

In The Magic Lion (2004), an African boy goes on a quest to save his gravely ill grandfather. He must find a mysterious village where healers create medicine with special properties. On his way, the boy meets a strange lion caught in a trap. Director Charles Githinji.

In The Cora Player (1997), a young couple from Burkina Faso fall in love, but because they are from different social classes, they must defy tradition to be together. This film is based on Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which upholds the right to love freely, blind to convention and social class. Director Cilia Sawadogo.

Jump-Up: Caribbean Carnival in Canada (1995) centres on the friendship of Lisa, a newly arrived girl from the West Indies, and Sophie, her Canadian neighbour. Together they help make a costume for the Jump-Up parade, an annual festivity celebrated in many communities with roots in the Caribbean. Director Claire Helman.

2004, 25 min 04 s

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