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Cuckoo, Mr. Edgar! and Other Wee Beasties - DVD

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Mr. Edgar lives inside a handsome clock. He is a very serious, punctual cuckoo but misadventure stalks his life... sometimes for the worse, but more often for the better. Mr. Edgar discovers what it is to be a father and to be a friend. He grows fond of three rambunctious birds and an elegant firefly, not to mention an owl and other forest creatures. Both funny and touching, these two short films are designed to delight children, to move them, and to make them smile and dream. And sometimes even to quiver. Or perhaps to meet their very own Mr. Edgar...

The other wee beasties:

Peep and the Big Wide World by Kaj Pindal
A baby chick, a duck and a robin go off together to discover the big wide world, in a charming tale narrated by Peter Ustinov.

Circuit marine by Isabelle Favez
(A Folimage and NFB co-production) A whimsical fable about a cat, a goldfish and a parrot.

2004, 68 min 38 s

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