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Campaign: The Making of a Candidate

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It's another day at Toronto's city hall--and another characteristic outburst from Mayor Mel Lastman. His target today is the progressive opposition councillor David Miller.

It's with delicious irony that filmmaker Andrew Munger revisits the moment in Campaign: The Making of a Candidate, a smart insider look at the virtually unknown Miller in his run for mayor in what would become one of the most contentious campaigns in the city's history.

Tipping his hat to master documentarian D.A. Pennebaker, Munger goes beyond the sound bites and spin, charting Miller's progress across the sprawling metropolis--one handshake at a time.

More than a city, Toronto is a great social experiment--one of the fastest growing and most multicultural urban centre on earth. From Sikh temples and Italian cafés to fire halls and gay bars - Campaign documents Miller's rise to power with a sharp eye for detail, offering a tonic take on the age-old game of campaign politics.

2004, 57 min 11 s