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Vietnam: Canada's Unknown War

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Somewhere between thirty and forty thousand Canadians served in the United States military during the Vietnam War, and except for a small fraction, the majority were volunteers. Most Canadians, then as now, assumed that Canada was neutral in the conflict or only marginally involved. Yet recently released documents show that Canadian industry and government were significantly integrated into the American war machine, with hundreds of millions of dollars in profits flowing north to Canadian industrial suppliers of the American military. What is also not commonly known is the extent of the involvement of thousands of Canadian youth that flocked to American recruiting centres first in Canada, then later to centres in the United States, in order to participate in the war.

Vietnam: Canada's Unknown War explores Canada's involvement in Vietnam through the eyes of the young Canadians who served in that tragic conflict. What was the motivation for these thousands of Canadians? What was their experience both in Vietnam and when they returned home from the war? The documentary will explore these and other questions.

2003, 60 min

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