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9 Months, 6 Blocks

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Within the core of the diverse and densely populated neighbourhood of South Parkdale, Toronto, three lives unfold over nine months and six blocks.

9 Months, 6 Blocks is a poignant and lyrical chronicle of urban life. Told as an inner city trilogy, the film follows the lives of three disparate people, their stories poetically interconnected by the streets they live within and the place they call home.

From spring to winter, a troubled youth comes to terms with his past by facing his future, a single Tibetan mother overcomes personal tragedy while building a life in a new country, and a senior resident takes comfort in routine while embracing a community in constant transition.

2005, 28 min 36 s

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Honorable Mention
Hot Docs
April 22 to May 1 2005, Toronto - Canada

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