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Mindtravel/Embarquement immédiat

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Mindtravel, a compilation of eight animation films, takes the viewer high and wide. Incredible landscapes open up for the traveller intent on adventure and discovery. Convention is left far behind. With brush, pencil, camera or pinscreen at the controls, Mindtravel takes the viewer to such faraway country as Persia, Bali, China - and even Canada's Far North. The itinerary also includes a stop-over in the inner world where the surreal roams freely in a land without borders. Audiences are sure to experience intense pleasure globetrotting from one film to the next. Destination: the human imagination. The most outrageous and extraordinary of our galaxy's planets.

This DVD compilation includes: Accordion, L'homme sans ombre, Islet, Imprints, Blue Like a Gunshot, Welcome to Kentucky, Fragrant Light, Angeli, The Hat and How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels.

2004, 98 min 18 s

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