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Soraida, a Woman of Palestine - DVD

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Meeting Soraida will overturn any preconceived notions you may have about Palestine. In her neighbourhood, the women do not all wear veils, the men do not rattle off empty political slogans, the young people do not strap bombs to their belts, and the children play together like children everywhere. Despite the burden of curfews and checkpoints, life goes on in Ramallah.

Taking us into the daily existence of Soraida, her family and neighbours, the film compels us to ask fundamental questions. How can the Palestinians preserve their humanity while living under the Occupation? How can they avoid being consumed by hate and anger, caught up in the cycle of victim and victimizer? How can they resist the omnipresent "culture of death" without evading the painful issue of suicide bombing?

Grappling with these issues will give us a new perspective on Palestine. Just as Soraida, who goes up to the roof of her building to fly a kite, can see her beloved land from above, free and unshackled. In French with English subtitles.

Also included on this DVD, the French trailer for the film Soraida, une femme de Palestine.

2004, 119 min 08 s

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