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Invasion of the Space Lobsters

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Produced by the National Film Board of Canada with the participation of the Canadian Labour Congress

An advanced race of giant lobsters from outer space land on Earth "sunny side up," but no one knows why. An utter failure of communication with these galactic crustaceans catapults the world towards Armageddon bisque! World peace is at stake! What can save us? A little straight talk, perhaps?

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, director and writer Janet Perlman untwines the classic 1950s B-movie motif to weave a thoroughly madcap, animated parable pitting the virtues of clear language and good communication against bafflegab evil-doers. Does a contract have to be unreadable? Must political speeches be meaningless? Can assembly instructions be self-evident?

Dire consequences await the foolhardy practitioners of Orwellian doublespeak and just plain gobbledygook. Beware to all contract contortionists, purple prosaists and speech spinners. The jig is finally up. Resistance is futile!

2005, 06 min 47 s

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Diploma of Honour
International Short Film Festival
May 11 to 13 2007, Sukagawa - Japan

Honorable Mention - Category: Children & Youth
International Film and Video Festival
November 7 to 12 2006, Columbus - USA