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Tales from the Crib: "Natural Birth Control"

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Adults on the verge of procreating... She's not sure why, but she feels a powerful gene current rushing her toward an uncertain destiny... Around him, the air is thick with baby propaganda... Through the rosy haze they wonder... Are kids really just adorable affection factories? Or is there an untold sinister side to child rearing, a dark hell-bound side street, a one-way alley that no one dared reveal when you started careening down that hormone-splattered highway toward the frontiers of exhaustion? Tales from the Crib, based on the book by Henrik Drescher, is a series of provocative short segments (vignettes) in stop motion and CGI, exploring the curious and timeless rites of parenthood.

The human baby is the most natural form of birth control.

2004, 01 min 21 s

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Banff Rockie Award - Category: Animation Programs
World Media Festival
June 12 to 15 2005, Banff - Canada