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The Man Who Studies Murder/L'homme au meurtre

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Nobody understands murder like Elliott Leyton - advisor to Scotland Yard, the FBI and Interpol, and the bestselling author of Hunting Humans. In The Man Who Studies Murder, on Disc 1, Leyton takes us through the underbelly of humanity - from death row in Nevada, to a Jack the Ripper tour of London, to an analysis of some of the 20th century's most notorious serial killers. His goal: to find out why people kill and why some countries produce so many more killers than others. Disc 2 contains bonus materials exclusively available on this DVD: interviews with mystery writer P.D. James and serial killer David Middleton (on death row in Nevada), as well as the complete interrogation of suspected (and later convicted) murderer Raymond Stewart by Sheriff Jim Lopey. Also featured is Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder of Nevada's gated and armed Front Sight community, plus a complete lecture by Leyton.

This DVD features a French and English language subtitle option. DVD of 2003 original.

2004, 98 min 16 s

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