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Ruzz and Ben / Ruzz et Ben

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Searching for their lost kite among the grey buildings of the inner city, two street urchins stumble onto a hidden world where the four elements of nature coexist in perfect balance. They are terrified by a curious creature that is half vegetable, half animal, but soon realize that this mysterious character is not only good-hearted but also understands the mysteries of the wind. Over the course of this initiatory journey, the little street urchins gain an understanding of nature, and learn to master their fears. A dazzling work of puppet animation, full of delightful twists and brimming with humanity. A film without words.

2005, 23 min 46 s

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Award for Best Animation Medium Film
Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE
July 11 to 21 2006, Montevideo - Uruguay

Award of the Children's Jury
International Animation Film Festival / International Trickfilm Festival
April 27 to May 2 2006, Stuttgart - Germany