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Renaissance of the Island Acadians

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Can a community revive a language it has partially lost? The Acadians of Prince Edward Island may well accomplish this rare feat. An affectionate look at a little-known minority group, Renaissance of the Island Acadians details how these people are trying to re-embrace the French language after losing most of their schools in 1968 and seeing an entire generation become anglicized. Anne-Marie Rocher's documentary focuses on three assimilated Acadian families schooling their children in French. The reopening of French schools owes much to two spirited women who waged a decade-long battle to get a local school for their kids. Their crusade took a toll on their personal lives. Yet thanks to their historic Supreme Court victory in 2000, a new generation is learning the language of its forefathers. The film celebrates the vitality of a community that has inspired French-speaking minorities across Canada. In French with English sub-titles.

2004, 52 min