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The World Stopped Watching

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The World Stopped Watching is a sequel to The World Is Watching (1987), a cinema verité investigation of the role journalists played in the US-financed Contra war against Nicaragua's revolutionary Sandinista government. Broadcast around the globe and honoured with many awards, including a Genie Award for Best Documentary, a Gold Hugo (Chicago) and prizes from Nyon (Switzerland) and Berlin, The World Is Watching revealed the precarious decision-making process behind the nightly news.

Filmmakers Peter Raymont and Harold Crooks returned to Nicaragua in 2002 to discover what became of the people and a nation no longer in the glare of the world's media. Accompanied by legendary Newsweek photographer Bill Gentile and acclaimed Boston Globe columnist Randolph "Ry" Ryan, whow covered the Contra war, the filmmakers travel throughout the impoverished country. They encounter Nicaraguans from every level of society, including former president Daniel Ortega. Gilles Paquin, of Montreal's La Presse, offers a current view of the country, including the unfolding drama where, for the first time in Latin American history, a former president has been jailed for corruption.

2003, 57 min 50 s

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