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They're cowboys, musicians, singers or just fans. For half the year, this colourful group exists in a world apart, a world where everything is 'country style.' As she accompanies them through the Quebec country and western festival circuit, Carole Laganière discovers a culture marked by its human warmth. Her insightful documentary examines the passion of these enthusiasts who move from town to town in pursuit of their dream.

Country offers up foot-stompin' line-dancing, camper convoys, festival fun and rodeo thrills. Above all, it shows the unique individuals who are part of the country scene-and who wear their passion with pride. We meet an extravagantly costumed musician named Zorro, are introduced to a young rodeo clown whose job it is to distract the bull from riders thrown during the bull-riding competition, and discover a cowboy with an abiding love for his horse. By turns funny and poignant, Country shines a spotlight on the pervasive humanity of a culture that seems a magnet for those whose lives have been far from easy. Like Marie, a 65-year-old ball of energy who, hot on the country trail, criss-crosses the province each summer with her husband. At one time suicidal, and today living in fear of losing her sight, Marie relishes every moment of happiness that her passion for all things country brings her.

Country chronicles the heartfelt stories of this impromptu tribe and, in so doing, taps into deeper human themes: life, death, sickness, love and solitude. It also reveals the sense of belonging that lets these folks keep on keeping on. In French with English subtitles.

2005, 72 min 23 s

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