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I Can Make Art ... Like Maud Lewis

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Maud Lewis drew on her happiest memories to paint delightful pictures of her world. Despite being stricken with physical disabilities from an early age, the celebrated Nova Scotia folk artist found joy in painting scenes of country life on canvases, greeting cards and on the very walls of her tiny one-room home.

In I Can Make Art Like Maud Lewis, a group of Grade 6 students is inspired by her incredible life and work. With the help of folk artist Kyle Jackson, they create a folk art painting of their own downtown neighbourhood.

Informative, deeply touching and filled with the magic of creation, I Can Make Art Like Maud Lewis shows both the power and simple pleasure of folk art.

I Can Make Art is a series of six short films that take a kids'-eye view on a diverse group of Canadian visual artists.

2005, 12 min 03 s

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