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Unbreakable Minds

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Every child is born full of promise, but for those diagnosed with schizophrenia in the prime of their lives, independence, acceptance, and even a place to call home usually slip beyond their grasp. Filmed over three years, Unbreakable Minds captures the emotional journeys of Randy, Brad and Rob as they struggle and seek acceptance in a world that regards them with fear and hostility. Brad finally leaves his bedroom hide-out to become a straight-A student. At 42 years old, Rob leaves his mother and finds "paradise" in a group home. When his doctor tries a new medication, Randy plummets in his worst-ever episode. Later, he laughs at his own delusion that he was slated to become the next member of Guns 'N Roses. Behind each of these men is a family fighting to accept their loved ones' ever-changing realities. With the invaluable guidance of WilPower, a unique family-based housing and support centre, our subjects and their families maintain their hope and courage.

2004, 56 min