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Nothing Sacred/Y'a rien de sacré

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Stéphane Dion portrayed as a rat. Louise Beaudoin cracking the whip as a language Nazi. Gilles Duceppe wearing a goofy hairnet. These savagely funny images have seeped into our collective consciousness. For thirty years now, no Quebec politician has escaped the impertinent pen of Serge Chapleau and Aislin, much to the delight of newspaper readers. But who are these court jesters skewering our public figures? Nothing Sacred paints revealing portraits of the celebrated political cartoonists from La Presse and The Gazette.

Filmmaker Garry Beitel zeroes in on Chapleau and Aislin as they exercise their craft between major news events, the U.S. invasion of Iraq and a provincial election. Also explored is the fascinating relationship that these pen-wielding mavericks have with their victims. Do the cartoonists sometimes go too far? Two of their favourite scapegoats, Louise Beaudoin and Gilles Duceppe, respond. Of course, the film also spotlights their wonderful cartoons, the most persuasive proof of the enormous talent of these two iconoclasts.

2005, 51 min 50 s