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Sex Spelled Out for Parents - Program Four - Intermediates

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Have you been meaning to talk with your kids about sex, but aren't quite sure how to go about it? These programs will get you started. Sexual health educator and best-selling author Meg Hickling, R.N., helps parents deal with this difficult and sensitive subject. Meg suggests ways to approach different age groups, and what information is appropriate for each. She tackles some of the tough questions, such as, "Do you and Dad do it?" with the humour, tact, and expertise that have made her a legend in sex education.

Program Four - Intermediates
This age group, ages 8 to 14, can feel that sex is gross and "You are gross and disgusting to want to talk about it!" Yet parents need to talk to them about puberty changes, and they need to be able to answer the questions that can come up. Meg tackles some challenging questions, including, "How do you explain gay?" and "What's a blow job?"

1999, 27 min 18 s