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Who Shot My Brother?

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Some phone calls can turn your life upside down. That's what happened to filmmaker Germán Gutiérrez when he got a call from Colombia informing him there had just been an assassination attempt on his older brother Oscar, a political activist hated by the establishment but adored by the disenfranchised. In this film, Germán Gutiérrez, who has been living in Montreal for the past thirty years, recounts his quest to find the hired gunmen who tried to kill Oscar, and also to expose the roots of the violence that has taken hold of his native country.

This beautifully filmed political documentary takes a courageous look at what Colombia has become: a lawless, neo-liberal Far West run by a corrupt middle class; an Eldorado where oil is more precious than gold and where Americans are the puppet-masters pulling the strings while drug traffickers, guerrillas, and paramilitaries engage in all-out combat with each other as the war on drugs rages on.

2005, 95 min 29 s

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Best of Festival Award - Category: Social Issues
International Film and Video Festival
November 7 to 12 2006, Columbus - USA

Radio-Canada Public Award
Festival du nouveau cinéma
October 13 to 23 2005, Montréal - Canada

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