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Family Dynamics

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For Angela
This story of racism and empowerment is a dramatic re-enactment of the experience of Rhonda Gordon and her daughter, Angela. A bus ride changes their lives when three boys harass them. Rhonda finds the courage to take a powerful stand against ignorance and prejudice.

Foster Child
At age 35, Gil Cardinal searches for his natural family and an understanding of what led to his coming into foster care as an infant. Foster Child is a documentary about that discovery. Gil encounters frustration and loss but eventually finds his natural family and a renewed sense of his Métis culture.

David with F.A.S.
This film focuses on David Vandenbrink, a 21-year-old, bright and articulate victim of fetal alcohol syndrome, or F.A.S. He and his adoptive mother are coping with the consequences of this difficult syndrome. David struggles internally, while Mary reaches outward with teaching and advocacy.

2005, 108 min

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