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Faced with what seems like an insurmountable fisheries collapse, the 450 residents of Quebec's tiny and isolated St.Paul's River must quickly decide what their future holds. Often overlooked, the little known Lower North Shore region of Quebec, where St.Paul's River lies, is known as the birthplace of North America's traditional cod fishery. It is now also known as "the forgotten shore."

The film Cod Help Us paints a revealing portrait of the residents of St.Paul's River and examines their plans for survival. Can they stick it out through these hard times or must they leave thier beloved village for good? Through frank interviews, scenic panoramas and lively fishing expeditions, award-winning Montreal filmmaker Ezra Soiferman (Man of Grease, Tree Weeks) paints a stark portrait of what it's like to be a villager in this community.

2005, 22 min 30 s