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The Wrong Choice

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Life is made up of choices. Sometimes even those made with the best of intentions can result in tragedy that no one could imagine or predict.

The Eastman Bus Tragedy: One of the most horrific bus accidents in North America happened at Lac D'Argent, Quebec, in 1978. On the summer evening of August 4th, a charter bus carrying a group of disabled people and volunteers sank to the bottom of the lake by the small Quebec town of Eastman. The brakes failed on a steep slope leading down to the water. Driver Denis Martel drove the out-of-control vehicle into the lake, hoping that the water would slow it down. Instead, the bus planed out nearly 300 feet into the middle of the lake before slowly sinking to the bottom. 7 people, including the driver and a local priest, escaped. None of the handicapped people survived. When the salvage crew finally pulled the bus from the depths, they found that most of the victims had never left their seats.

The New London School Fire: On March 3, 1937, the New London, Texas, Consolidated School was destroyed by a gas explosion, resulting from damage to a heating gas line. 730 persons were in the school building at the time. Despite the fact that the school district was one of the wealthiest in the U.S., the school had illicitly tapped into a wet gas line from a drilling site to save the costs of heating. The disaster was set to happen when maintenance worker damaged the gas line while fixing a room heater. Odourless and colourless gas flooded the school. 455 people died in the explosion. Initial rescue efforts were conducted by parents and surviving teachers and administrators. The local hospital opened prior to its formal opening and rapidly exhausted its supplies. Local funeral directors ran out of coffins and some dead were buried in rough coffins constructed by volunteers. After the tragedy, the Texas legislature required gas lines to be treated with mercaptan, the substance that gives gas its telltale odour

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