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Water Detectives/Les détectives de l'eau

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Through this engaging and empowering short documentary, Grade 4 to 7 students learn that their local conservation efforts can have far-reaching results. This lesson is made concrete through the experience of youth in Matamoros, Mexico, where a severe water shortage led the city to take the unusual step of putting local children in charge of changing adult attitudes and habits.

Thousands of schoolchildren were enlisted as "water detectives" - educated in concepts of water conservation, and encouraged to discuss the importance of proper water usage with adults. Kids were authorized to give "tickets" to transgressors who were seen to be wasting water, and the municipality followed up by fixing leaks and visiting homes. The result? Matamoros lowered its water consumption by nearly 20% in just one year!

Featuring lively narration from Mariana, Carlos and Raoul - three water detectives from Matamoros - the film's message is inspiring for school children everywhere.

2007, 11 min 32 s

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