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Operation Jules Verne

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Patricio Guzman and Jérôme Scemla invite viewers to rediscover Jules Verne in the company of today's pioneers. Inspired by the adventures of Captain Nemo, Robur the Conqueror and other Jules Verne characters, these modern-day explorers take us on an expedition to the centre of the earth, deep under the sea, around the world and into outer space.

My Jules Verne, by director Patricio Guzman, presents modern-day explorers who retrace the paths of some of Jules Verne's intrepid characters. Accompany Hubert Reeves, Laurence de La Ferrière, Hubert Falco and others to the Antarctic, to the centre of the earth, under the seas and into outer space.

Aquanauts highlights the exploits of deep-sea explorers who, like Jules Verne's Captain Nemo, have pushed the frontiers of our knowledge thanks to machines that can descend deep beneath the waves, revealing the fantastic world of the ocean floor.

2005, 108 min 29 s

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