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How People Got Fire

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How People Got Fire centres on Grandma Kay (based on elder Kitty Smith) and the connection she forges with the village children through the oral tradition of their culture.

Twelve-year-old Tish is one of those children - an introspective, talented girl who feels particularly drawn to Grandma Kay's kitchen. Here, past and present blend, myth and reality meet, and the metaphor of fire infuses all in a location that lies at the heart of the community's spiritual and cultural memory.

2008, 16 min 02 s

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Best Animated Short Film
Annual American Indian Film Festival
November 6 to 14 2009, San Francisco - USA

Best Short Documentary
Imagine Native Film + Media Arts Festival
October 14 to 18 2009, Toronto - Canada

Best Animation
Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival
June 18 to 21 2009, Edmonton - Canada

TEUEIKAN Second Prize
First Peoples' Festival (Land InSights)
June 11 to 21 2009, Montréal - Canada

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