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Wapos Bay Series

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The kids of Wapos Bay love adventure.

And their playground is a vast area that's been home to their Cree ancestors for millennia: northern Saskatchewan.

Ten-year-old T-Bear, 9-year-old Talon and 6-year-old Raven star in Wapos Bay, a light-hearted stop-motion animation series about growing up in a remote Cree community. In Wapos Bay, modern life and ancient traditions meet. Hunting and gathering, dog sledding and shimmering northern lignts are part of every day but so are video games, TV and cell phones. Guided by elders, extended family and their own insatiable curiosity, the three children learn how to balance traditional ways with newer ones. Their discoveries unfold against the backdrop of northern Saskatchewan's varied seasons - winter, spring thaw, spring, summer, fall and freeze-up.

In one episode, The Elements, disaster strikes when Talon, T-Bear, Raven and their Mushom (grandfather) get stranded on a remote island after a sudden freeze-up. Mushom has a terrible accident and the children venture across the frozen terrain alone.

T-Bear and his father realize they are both afraid of heights after they get stuck atop the community's fire lookout tower in Journey Through Fear. And in Something to Remember T-Bear convinces his reluctant grandfather to talk about his secret missions during the war.

As they explore the world around them, the three children acquire some valuable lessons about respect, cooperation, honesty and tolerance. And of course, they also teach the adults a few things.

Aboriginal filmmakers Dennis and Melanie Jackson's exquisite characters come alive with the voices of well-known Aboriginal performers such as Gordon Tootoosis (North of 60, Legends of the Fall), Andrea Menard (The Velvet Devil) and Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas). Wapos Bay is a fascinating, and often humorous portrait of a northern Aboriginal community from the perspective of its children.

2007, 144 min

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