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Aboriginality follows an urban youth as he heads down the mystical Red Road, where the sweet grass grows, to re-connect and be inspired by both new and traditional elements of Indigenous culture. We meet world champion hoop dancer and hip-hop artist Dallas Arcand.

Aboriginality re-imagines the strength and spirit of First Nations culture through new narrative mediums that connect urban Indigenous youth to their rural ancestral histories. Arcand, a seventh generation Cree from Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Indian Cree Nation.

Arcand plays dual roles in being both a positive First Nations presence in mainstream urban media and a touchstone to traditional First Nations roots and culture. Many believe the seventh generation will bring positive change to the world, and in Aboriginality, the power and spirit of culture sweep across time ans space to empower the next generation through heritage and self-awareness. Directed by Dominique Keller, Aboriginality fuses animation by Dan Gies with live-action dance directed by Tom Jackson.

2007, 05 min

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