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Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950

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A bright June day in Langton, a small town in Ontario's tobacco belt. The year is 1950. Herbert McAuliffe walks into the local bank, armed with two guns. By nightfall, two men are dead. After the killings, McAuliffe flees into the woods; for three days a posse hunts him, while the community lives in fear. Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950 goes back to Langton, documenting an episode which remains forever etched in the town's collective memory. Combining gritty reenactments with first-hand accounts, director Robert Fortier details the robbery, the subsequent manhunt and eventual trial, shedding new light on McAuliffe's personality--his tragic childhood and respected WWII record. A gripping account of a crime whose effects are still being felt today, Murder Remembered - Norfolk County 1950 makes a forceful and thought-provoking contribution to the ongoing debate on capital punishment.

1997, 46 min 45 s